i need help

i own a town which is called the hobbit village .i realized that there is build nearby and i want to expand my village so i can build more houses .i know its my mistake because i chose a place where some people are building nearby .
so can i ask for moving my town to another place so i can build more
also can you give me permission to use world edit because i want to build huge mountain all around my village and if i cant have permission .can anyone from staff build mounatins for me ?

Moving the village: Probably no, ensuring there are no nearby builds is your responsibility.

Making Mountains: Again Probably no, depends on who you ask

can i ask an admin or the owner to do the mounatins for me ?.because i am building a big project on the mounatins

I can’t imagine creating mountains would be worth the complication. Sorry, but those staff entrusted with W/E use so for more important reasons, as it can create very bad lag and RAM issues for the server.

Asking a admin: Good luck with that.

Asking the owner: Ha ha, good one!

Lol, if the warp is in creative I’ll help you. Mountains aren’t that bad so long as they’re not that big, haha. If I see you on I can help.