i need help with my future town.

Updated August 15 2013 at 12:39 pm Central time zone

( has been temporally postponed for now sorry guys D: )

Hey guys i need help with my town i’m going to create.
here’s what i know for now
1:its going to be in a desert.
2:its going to be western themed
3:its most likely going to be a Province of Farcoast
4:its on survival

Here’s what i need help with for now
1:i need help with a name
2:i need help flattening an area
3:i need wood, and cobble for the Buildings
4:i need LOTS of sand for flattening the area

if theres a little mt next to where the towns gona be and i’m naming it Fire Mt.

but i’m also looking for any other ideas! so please give suggestions.

-Jake :smiley:

Call it Norris town. No one will screw with you =3

Something more unique, less silly sounding, but definitely western. I don’t think we’ve seen a western style town actually… I’d fancy trying to make a Saloon for you if you’d like :stuck_out_tongue:

I think you should name the town shifting sands

thx guys for all the ideas plz continue it really helps and i love what you guys can come up with! :smiley:

liam i like the idea for a Saloon!

still thinking about the name…

and the rangers might be a police force with (a) sheriff(s) and ect.

also thinking about other builds i should have for the town.

thx alot

Maybe some nice open, and detailed underground tunnels for horse travel! Possibly with arching beams and other little touches.

oh my gawd YES! :smiley:
Super Good idea!!!


THe desert your looking in (Ive seen it on dynamic Map) is north of farcoast so call it North Farcoast!