i need help i cant connect to minecraft.net for 1.8

i downloaded the pre version of 1.8 but i cant go on the 1.8 server since i cant connect to minecraft.net

Keep trying. Everyone’s attempting to play it at the moment and it often overloads the Minecraft.net login servers.

wait… WHAT?!

vaio 1.8 was pre released and andy set up 1.8 on his test sever :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

How do I get it then? :stuck_out_tongue:

Heres the link


minecraft.net is currently undergoing connective issues

sorry caps

wont be up until andy wakes up :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont know the time lapse between where i live and australia, but when is he aproximentaly going to be up?

Great… I live all the way across the globe from Andy… waits for a long time.

Seems the error is at Mojang’s end. Give it some time and it’ll be back up and running

I cannot help. P.s: Try doing a barrel roll

I’ve put the server into offline mode to enable anyone to get into the server until Minecraft goes back up

Will the sever update to 1.8 demo v2 ?

The server is already updated to Pre-release 2

wat pre release? ???

Don’t worry. Our server is running 1.8.1. We won’t be running 1.9 pre release at the moment due to all the bugs.

is this about creative or survival?

this thread has gone awry Locking :wink: