I need a sop

I need a senior operator to transfer a town to the new map the town’s name is summerhaven and I have spent a lot of time building walls and a big glass dome and I would really like it transferred to the new map the town’s creator is a player names topgearwill and if you ask him he will tell you that he gave me the town because he didn’t use it anymore so I would like my town transferred to the new map I have spent a lot of time and effort on it and am not the adventure and explore type thank you

PS: My best friend a player named goobydooo would also like her stuff transferred to the new map if you go to Summerhaven you will find a lot of stuff built by other players like the houses in the main square I would like those transferred as well so long as none of the owners have asked you not to transfer their houses I would like them transferred out as well

Nothing will be transferred to the new map. No towns No items Nothing. we start Completely over

Indeed. the new map will be a complete start over for everyone.

HAH, I wish we could have stuff transferred…

I do as well, still not going to happen though.

Smiles angrily, whilst grinding teeth :]

haha. It going to be ok Ani. we can all start on an even keel afterwards, and maybe you wont be the most squishy player after the reset

No transfers. What we have in this map still contains some stuff from 2 maps ago…

We all need a fresh start. That’s half the fun of the game anyway.

For emphasis.

Theres a new map O.o

Short answer, using a phrase that fits the situation quite well for those complaining:

Tough shit.


Not yet. Next major update will replace our current survival map. There was a post about this not long ago.

x10mark2 did not like the answer here is seems and PMed me asking the same thing…