I need a new computer... Help?

Guys my computer is just garbage at this point. I really need a new one, but i dont really know anything about computer specs… I’m hoping maybe one of you guys can help me pick out a good new computer or something, since im not sure what type of parts i should be looking for in the first place.

Well let me just tell you what i expect the pc to do.

-run internet smoothly
-able to run editing programs like Flash, 3ds max, maya and stuff without lag.
-$$$ limit : under $300
-windows 7(not very important though)

That’s what i basically want a pc to do for me. My current one cant run anything, and my internet is soo slow it makes me wanna hit a wall :frowning:

Can anyone give me recommendations on a good computer i should check out or something? Thanks pals :slight_smile:

With $300 you can achieve about 0 of that especially with a legal copy of Windows. Although I do not advocate getting a illegal copy, that is your choice.

Ymb your best option is to build IMO, Newegg nowadays has pre-speced computers and I would go for one of those. Ill post links when I get out of this car. Also Black Friday is right around the corner and I’m sure Newegg will have fantastic deals.

Here is one thing I found, not too too bad. Might do the trick, also I posted on a Gaming forum about this and will report back, plus I’m fairly known there with 1800 posts.


why not get windowsME?


I approve of the parts I see there. It’s quite nice for that price. The only thing I don’t really see there is a video card and ANY software.

You WILL need some kind of OS for it and likely many other programs. I do that kind of work all the time. If you were near me, I’d build it and set it up for $40. The video card is optional, but will make it so much better. Mostly for games and 3D apps.

he needs something GOOD for $300. now if he wanted to spend $1000-$2000+ then a mac would still be a bad idea ;p

Kyle i believe there is a video card (though very basic) built into the motherboard as I recall. Yea no software that’s just parts, with Windows you can’t really go below $300 unless you buy a used computer.

As for Keaton, that was totally troll, especially as you obviously know a Mac would be out of his price range.

Well im probably gonna go out to find a computer on black friday, might find a good deal somewhere since im tight on cash. What should i basically be looking for when buying a computer? (Like the processor speed or ram or stuff like that)

Look for dual core CPU (ideally Intel) at least 4gb RAM and if possible a dedicated graphics card.

I knew it had a built-in video card, all motherboards have one, its just as you said though, it’s basic. A decent vid card can make a huge difference in what the PC can do. Yesterday, I was working with a PC with a 2.8 dual core processor. The processor was fantastic, but the RAM was 1 gig with no dedicated vid card. When I ran any game, the RAM was maxed, and the game ran badly. CPU was at 15% or so… The system was crippled by lack of RAM at least (DDR2 btw).

I’m happy with my 2GB of RAM on my laptop. Most games run quite smoothly and on the system requirements for all games I own it doesn’t go above 2GB.

My laptop runs minecraft smoothly, and the display and such is great. It was just over ?300, but there are some things you wouldn’t need.
Model: HP Pavillion dv6 notebook pc
Processor: i3-2310M CPU @ 2.10GHz
System Type: 64bit
Graphics: Mobile Intel HD Graphics
Radeon HD 6490M

Some things you wont need to know there, but hey. xD

Thanks guys its been a help, hopefully i can get back on minecraft soon :smiley:

Sorry to post again, but Liam EPIC SIG.

Ymb if you haven’t got a computer yet, I have a build for $299.94. Its triple core with 8gb RAM. Its the best computer for $300 (without windows…). This can easily do everything you wanted, sure render times will not be super fast but its the best you can do at the price.