I need a name for my tree town

I need an awesome name for my tree that i want 2 be a city. :stuck_out_tongue: if u want to see it the coordinates are x-2031 z145
i will also have a screenshot if you dont want to go there.

derpytreeland =D

Names huh?
The World Tree
Yggdrasil - My favorite
Great Deku Tree

Any good?

The Hidden Leaf Village? How about Woody Mansions?

If you dont like any of those, use this: http://k4-pacific.com/nametown.php

just keep refreshing till you see one you like :slight_smile:

Birchwood town.

Just needs to be said, WOOKIE’S HOMEWORLD!!! Kashyyyk

-facepalm- YES BRODUR! :smiley: Why did no one think of this sooner?! xD

I like a lot of them but the one im choosing is actually 3 combined and there all from kyle. im gonna call it…

                                                          Aeon the Yggdrasil Tree

I really liked these names :smiley:
also one question to you kyle where did u get the name Yggdrasil from? i know of only one thing that has that name lol

Aeon, I came up with on my own, but the others are mythological trees. The life tree is from Final Fantasy. Yggdrasil, I have seen is several video games, but it is a Norse legendary tree. I used wikipedia to get the spelling right.

O.o cool! i got yggdrasil from dragon quest XD

  1. Google Maplestory town names
  2. Select a town name
  3. ? ? ?

How far have u gotten now! :slight_smile: