I Miss You Guys :(

Just wanna apologize for being MIA recently. School has been really difficult and I dont get free time as often - even on weekends. It is awful. I miss PCB loads though. I miss you all very very much. I’m serious when I say I barely get free time. You all know Joe is my bffl and we barely talk anymore. It sucks.
I just wanted to see what you all were up to these days! I won first place at my Debate and Speech competition the other day which is pretty cool!

Tell me something good or even bad that happened to you recently! Give me updates, I miss y’all :frowning:

School sucks huh. but for the debates and stuff, We’ll be rooting for ya :smiley:


[size=1pt]when can we get married??


Drop your AP Classes. Jk you do you/

Looks like joe has a crush

It’s ok Maddy, I haven’t been exstremly active either. But we have a streak so it’s fine

Hey Maddy! Congratulations on winning the speech and debate!! Also I am really in the same position as you when it comes to having almost no free time. School is a but. But ummm I don’t really know anything good or bad that has happened to me since I last talked to ya. I have really just been busy with school and everything. So I can really understand why your not on so much. I know we all miss you, (expecialy Joe) but at the same time I think all of us understand that out side of PCB we have things we need to get done first in order to join us all later. Sadly school is one of these things because teachers never cut anyone a brake. But any whoooo, we will miss you for the time being but at the same time are super excited to see you when you come back! =D


Same maddy,
Did not play on PCB for 1 month! ;_;