I miss you guys

Hey guys it has been a while,

some may have noticed but i’m watching the forums more lately and so now and then i check the livemap and see my old town that i made more then a year ago and i want to continue it.

I had done a ban appeal half a year ago and was allowed back on ftb to see how it goes and if i would be allowed back to vanilla also. Sadly the ftb server died down and i felt lonely again. This past year i have become admin on a different ftb server where i work very closely with the owner to maintain the website, whitelist new members and I help a lot with intern problems between members.
I have upped my game and I want to work to becoming ‘clean’ of my past mistakes.

I would love for you to have a third chance as you did so much for me, from when i first started on the server, to you nominating me for trusted! In my opinion your a great builder and a great friend. Though my imput doesn’t really matter, I think Yomi should be allowed back dispite the mistakes she has made in the past, she has been with PCB for so long and has even made it to the ranks of staff. #BringBackYomi

You know that i would let you back online in a heart beat, and op you if i could. Talk to me Steam one day, i actually have something im working on for PCB i would like to talk to you about

Heyy Yomi, it has really been a while now. I’m all for you to be able to come back to the server. I miss the times back then and you’re a pretty nice person to talk to. #BringBackYomi


You had to write this one April 1st?

It was wrote after 12:00 though in my timezone…

shall i make a ban appeal?
btw i made this april 2nd

Sorry to necro. Yes you should!

Hiya I think Yomi should be given a third chance for how much she has put into the server and how many people are still friends with her. She has served enough time I believe.