hey guys, i know if been inactive, the school start and i have a lot of homework. Today i was tinking oh god ill go on PCB see all the good people, and after connnecting progress i just look the people list and, WERE IS MY PCB FRIEND ?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?! were are you all guys i miss you -.- please reply this post if you dont finish to play on the server. :’(

ps: very sorry for my english i do my best !


ok mrti cjroistmeas

We be on and off. We recently had an issue where the server was down for several days. Some people may not have come back just yet. Several regulars are doing school now too. Busy busy!

Im on as much as I can, come talk to me lol :smiley:

I go to night school in college so im not really that busy with school lol

I haven’t really played 1.8 a lot because it does not really interest me. I thought it would be more amazing but in reality it is meh.

There are also people chilling doing 1.8 stuff until the server updates.
/cough myself cough/

Yeah I’m not on much cause of school and now sense I’m in 8th grade I have lots of homework so yeah.

okok thanks for the information i hope i can have fun with you on the server !