I Love Marco Post

Someone created an appreciation post for Mark or someone, so I decided that Marco should have one because I, non homosexually, love this man. Marco is an amazing person and I’m glad that he is staff on this server. It’s 1:32 AM so I can’t write so much right now, but @05ocram05 , I love you, non homosexually. I love the Netherlands. I love stroopwafels. I love field hockey.

Marco, you are great. Thanks for being Marco.

k sure


we love you Marco (no homo)

Ok, but no one really likes field hockey.

Okay this is kinda unexpected xD

Alao thank you veey much for the 3 no votes :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah Marco! You are one of the most amazing people I have gotten to know on this server. You have truly made a difference for me on this server in more ways than you know. Love ya Marco! =) (not romantically)

They will be eliminated

I love Marco too. He’s a kind person… and a sexy beast :wink:

I just had the most vivid flashback to 2012

Marcoooooooopoppppppppp is my best friend on the server and I love him so much :slight_smile: <3 xxx

  • Queenie xx

Because Marco deserves respect, I’ve switched the ‘no’ votes to ‘good job’ votes.

I respek you, Marco

Marco is my best friend. I don’t know what I would do without him. <3

You, Marco, are a nice guy. I haven’t met you one on one, but I have seen you a lot, on the server, and the forums. We should meet each other, in the future. :slight_smile:

Marco is one of my absolute faves on the server. He always messages me and asks how I am doing and is always making me smile. He is so sweet and kind and loving. I love you bud, thanks for bein gr8

Marco is a sexy beast. You don’t even know.

He’s right up there with Gerard Way, Andy Biersack and my boyf.

Hell, Marco Who???

No seriously, great guy, very friendly, we chat a lot and have done for years, very easy to get on with.

Keep it up mate xx