I lost some items.

Don’t teleport to co ords 1 1 1 its a lava lake i fell in and lost 2 diamond pics and a diamond shovel :frowning: Is there any chance of getting them back? if not never mind.

Trusted players have been told to never teleport to random coordinates. Only use that feature if you know where you are going. There’s nothing we can do I’m afraid.

Thats ok I shouldn’t have been so stupid.

But thats strange that 1,1,1 put you in a lava lake. 0,0,0 is the coordinates for the warp to “The Void”. And I don’t remember seeing lava there

But also, don’t tp to 0,0,0 in case you were thinking about it. xD
If you want to see the void, use /warp thevoid

its weird that 1 1 1 is a lava lake i know

I think you are forgetting that the coordinates also include height. A height of 1 is just above bedrock (or in it). Lava is very common there. The actual point for thevoid is likely a bit higher up.

i just tped there to check and its part of the void that why u died (i had no items ) :stuck_out_tongue:

I once tp’d to 2 2 2 and it was next to the lava, I’m 100% sure I patched it up…