I lost my donator tag...?

Still have 5 homes, can’t fly, still have my nickname, but I’m just a member? Uhhm, whuuuut?

Did you donate 20$ for life time Donator rank or did you only do so much, if you didn’t then most likely your donator time ran out.

According to the records I can see, you donated enough to get perks for 1 month. Looks like your time is up!

If this is a mistake then you’ll have to sort it out with spec, if not then you can always donate again to get perks back :slight_smile:

$2 = 1 month perks
$20 = lifetime perks

Please remember that donating DOES NOT immunize you from the server rules. You can still be banned even if you have donated, and no matter how much you donated. Remember, this is a DONATION. You are not buying anything, but we are giving you perks as a thank you.

Terms and conditions apply! :smiley:

Cant fly? Welcome to my world as Member.

Thought I’d better post them again just in case :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep you donated for one month, but I got lazy and didn’t update the ranks for a long time so you got a free month of donor perks on top.

Oh, I did? I figured I got the forever donator and donated more since I had been donator for so long. BRB, gonna whip out the credit card. :wink: