I know why I got banned for griefing!

@Ellen Degeneres of PCB My case was solved yesterday and I got on to see my house completely gone! I read the mail as it said i had 2 messages and to my suprise it was someone called Vextorz or Vextors messaging me saying "If you do not move your town I will remove it from “Dubai” This must have been ages ago though because it is not there! They must have overclaimed it and it realy is not fair, because my hard work went into this. Even though I got unbanned I still think they should wait to look into it more :-\ Thank you anyways and for unbanning me ;D

In future, please don’t make multiple posts on the same topic, and please don’t post in the ban appeals section unless you are either submitting an appeal via the proper form, or you are involved in an open case.


We typically give it a month or two before, dependent on player activity, before towns are allowed to be taken over or wiped for other players to expand their active cities. Your city would not have been moved/allowed to be taken over like that without a staff overseeing it, and all of us how to follow that general flow.

You were banned, you were inactive, your stuff is gone and I apologize but this is something we’re unable to retrieve for you. We already unbanned you so don’t push this any further considering these events took place MONTHS ago and were given fair consideration to the more active city.

You can build a new city, we expanded the creative map size not too long ago so you should be able to find decent land to start something new.