I have a very imporant question!!

How do I build for the city I am a good builder, do I apply???

Can you please clarify which city you want to build in?

First and foremost I shall quickly introduce PCB official cities:

Lobby(/spawn) This map is a display map only, no matter what your rank is you are not allowed to build here. The purpose of this map/city is to show newcomers to the server the setting we are trying to provide and fun fact that this map a gem to PCB because this map was the very first Creative spawn to the server going way back to when Creative was first introduced to beta.

BigCity(/warp Bigcity) Guests and Members are only allowed to explore, but once you’re Trusted rank you can build here with the major league. We don’t make special accommodations so if you’re really interested in building here you’ll just have to be an active player and work your way up until a staff member nominates you for the Trusted Rank (just reiterate in case you are new, do not ask for Trusted, it will lower your chances of staff nominating you)

Cspawn(/warp Cspawn) This city is the starting grounds for people entering the Creative map. Guests and members are only allowed to explore likewise in this city, but if you’re Trusted and are interested in building here we strongly suggest that you get in touch with a Senior Op to go over expectations of builds and style.

As for other cities you may come along in either Survival OR Creative that spark your interest to build within said city, it’s up to you to figure out who owns the city, what the city rules are, if it’s a freebuild, etc. Feel free to ask anybody on the server on the status of cities that you are unsure about and most importantly you cannot build in other cities unless you have permission from the city’s owner in most cases.

Also with BigCity, if you think your stuff is worthy, build something in Creative, and if I can find a spot for it in BigCity, I’ll copy it over for you.

Don’t forget /warp testcity ! :slight_smile: