Hello PCB.
I woke up this morning and decided to go on PCB to build my city and oh my oh my
I discovered they nominated me trusted while I was away for xmas holidays!!!
Mann told me this happened around christmas.
Thank you for this beatiful xmas present staff!!
Love you heeps

This summarizes it all


Congrats Dan! I’m pretty sure all of us had a similar reaction as well when we were first Trusted ;D

I guess so!

Hahaha OMG that is the best reaction I have ever seen. Congratulations Dan! =D

OMG well done Dan! ;D

Congrats, reminds me when I got trusted!

congratz dan!

You deserve it mate

congrats :slight_smile:

May the Cyan force be with you!


Congrats, Dan!

Thank you all!!! The cyan force shall be with me

Totally deserved!! So glad you got it, you earned it!

Congrats, Dan! Good luck in your Trusted journey! :slight_smile: