I Got a Pet Rabbit.

I have a pet rabbit. his name is buddy, also i have a pic of my setup XD my comp my desk and all that shit… ignore the cups and plate XD


You weren’t kidding about the upc of your computer and your router/modem lol.

BTW nice bunny :slight_smile:

Yeah i know. its a piece of shit

Battlestations thread?! Yes.

…when i get home from work…

DA BUNNY IS SOO CUTE :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: PS, nice rifel ;D

Ty XD. When in texas

O.0 i just noticed it says im a server OP ???

Wow who promoted you, you’ve been mod for like 4 days?

I…I…I dont know… whoever did, thanks, I think? well i can us it, the server is down ;D

nice bunny hard :slight_smile: and also is that a bb or real rifle ?


honestly I dont know, I guess people here leik me :3 but i didnt send in an application ???

Sorry, just an update, but the rank up seems to have been an accident. I don’t know how it happened, but it has since been fixed.

hey… uh hard… have you eaten the bunny yet? if not… im kinda hungry

God gggeeee stop making dead threads come alive.

That’s called necroing I believe. Many forums actually have rules against it. He used necromancy to raise the dead, see?