I donated :D

So i donated $2 since ive only been on this server for like 2 weeks XD but i really really love it. Would love to donate more eventually! :smiley: but for the spawn eggs…i think ill get ocelot and a villager :smiley: ! Gracias!

First time I have seen ya, so welcome even if late. Thank you!

Based on your avatar and name, I assume your playing as Lucy? I have read a lot of FT as I love the author. I have all the Rave Master manga and the Gamecube game for it.

Yeah I was original natsu but then I changed it to Lucy and now I’m Erza XD
I just love the series so much, but on the server most people either call me Fairy
Or Lucy but now Erza .
And thanks for the welcome! :smiley: