I donated. :3

Looking forwards to perks. :smiley:

Thanks for the donation :D!


Thank you, Kurry for your donation!!

Thanks! Next time a SOP or admin is online, you can ask them for your 2 spawn eggs.

Thanks Kurr! :slight_smile:

Ha! Yeah, just don’t ask each one that joins so you can have a collection! There are more SOPs then there used to be. Oh, and thanks for the donation!

I just realized I never got my 2 spawn eggs! :o

Do I get more now that I redonated?
And if so, can I get them for the next map?
(Since ya’ know, it’d be sort’ve a waste now…)

Choose your 22 spawn eggs and get a SOP to give them to you when you see them. And yes you can get them for the next map as long as you don’t claim them yet.

Woah, I get 22. :o

I’mma make me a farm! :smiley:

may I make a note that I still haven’t gotten my 20 spawn eggs from when I donated :\

and i don’t think i got mine from last time i donated $20