I dislocated my knee :(

I was doing my jui-Jitsu kicks when my knee just snapped out of place and I fell on the floor in pain. I then spent the next 1 hour and 30 minutes on the floor in pain waiting for the paramedics and the ambulance. I was then taken to A&E via ambulance and had an x-Ray and full analysis by a doctor. I then had to wait till 3 am to get a splint and some crutches. It is now swollen and sends random spasms up my leg when i move it into an uncomfortable position. :frowning:

Oh, that does sound painful… Get well soon, Joshua! (:

Thanks. :slight_smile:

I am so sorry to hear this! I hope you get well soon and feel better! Be careful!

Ouch! Hope you get better soon! :smiley:

Rest in Peace, taken from us in his youth.

Gone, but never forgotten. ;_;7

Get well soon!

I will pray for you.

Thanks guys :slight_smile: i really appreciate all the support.

My friend dislocated his knee by doing a slut drop to Anaconda.

Hope you get well soon mate

Oh wow xD

wow it took an hour and 30 for the ambulance to come. what has the NHS come to!?! And get well soon :slight_smile:

Knee bent in 3 spots.
3 edges in a triangle
3 sides

Well, get better soon!

jew jitzu
Oy Vey!

Someone should of ordered a pizza, that way you could see which one got there first. If the pizza got their first, you could have pizza while in pain. So if you ever do break, dislocate, die just order a pizza

Oh hey
[Knee pun]

Great advice there sword. :slight_smile: Thanks everybody, got my X-ray scan tommorow to see how long I will be on crutches and if there is any long term damage.

OUCH!! That will be painful. Take proper rest and what did the doc say? Hope it’s just a dislocation. I had mine shoulder dislocated couple of times and the second time it was worse. Luckily I escaped from a surgery. Still I had to wear the collar sleeve for around 60 days and along with that I was under physio treatment from Dynamic Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic http://www.dynamicphysiotherapy.ca (Mississauga). 3 months of the therapy and I was good as before.
It was shoulder and it takes more time to heal, you don’t have to worry much. Take rest and let it heal good.

Well I went to the doctor at the hospital and waited two hours too see him, all he did was prod it a bit and then he asked me to walk on it! I was like, I’m on frigin crutches cause i can’t walk and you expect me to walk away! Then he told me the there was a problem with one of the muscles in my thigh, that’s why I can’t lift my leg, and said i need a urgent M.R.I scan. I then asked if the scan will be today and he said no (can’t be that urgent then?!?!?) however i know the head of scanning at the hospital as he is one of my mums friends so we told him and he gave me one straight away :). The doctor wants to seem me again in 4 week so it looks like i will be on crutches till then. In that time he wants me to not use the splint as much (take it off when possible) and start to put some pressure on my foot, maybe even walk, hopefully all goes well but I will keep you guys posted.

To be honest, I totally forgot I replied on this post