I didnt know

Dear PCB. I Am banned for Griefing And Stealing In The Modules.
I didnt know it wasn’t alowed to, i didnt had any warnings, and i thought the modules where already dead because the last time was on the server before I was banned, the modules had a TOTAL different headroom. I realy LOVE the server. Im sorry for it. I would do everything to be unbanned, and hope Thatif it would ever happen, it would happen soon.

[size=0.9em]WHERE: at The survival server
[size=0.9em]When: It was long ago, i finally managed to create a account, i think like 5 month ago
Greetings, mineskill6 ^^

Ouhai: Removed the poll and put the information in here.
Shadowmeire: Edited who banned Mine.

Why do you have a poll?

I can’t believe i’m saying this but, to reply, you just scroll down and there’s a box to type in.

Hehe… sorryy ouhai… sometimes im not the smartest person on sites. BACK TO WHAT I WAS SAYING:

when I was banned: Like… between 3 or 5 months
by who: I think hard24get


Ymbninjakiller Banned me! NOT hard24get (sorry for the mistake!!!)

i suppose we are really waiting on YMB, not Hard.

Do we really expect hard, ymb or anyone to remember this ban? This is so long ago it’s kind of absurd.

I don’t mind him getting a second chance, but I want to make sure his inventory does not have anything stolen in it. That’s my take on this anyway.

Also, isn’t ymb away for the time being? I doubt he will reply.

@kyle Then just kill me, and remove my Module. i dont have problems with it. And im REALLY sorry. i would do EVERYTHING to just get a second change. many people get them, i never did something else. no warnings. This isnt a angry message. Greetings Mineskill6 (Michael) :’( :’( :’( :’( :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

@kyle ABSURD? well… it WAS a long time ago, now i finally managed to create an account. almost everyday i tried to get on the server, and checked the site. And im pretty sure No one would remember. :-\ … its not my choice to be unbanned. but is hes. If it will happen, i hope its soon

Greetings mineskill6 (Michael)

Warned for Double Posting.

Also, we could just get _andy to delete his player file.

Can you please tell me what i double posted? Thanks. :slight_smile:



Still waiting. Checkin the site everyday. When is he coming online D=!

ok, look. Mine is a good player. he was living in my Old Treetop for a very long time, and is now just haveing an issue with an OLD ban. lets forgive and forget on this one. if its ok with everyone, i can go into the Module (if i can find the bloody thing) and delete his items that are in there. we all agreed on a fresh start on the new map, he is certainly no exception to this rule.


Unbann Mine, stick him on the new map with no items.

I can unbann Mine today around 4:30 EST if it would help

Terribly sorry for coming onto this so late, just realized this needed to be brought to my attention. I remember you, you basically stole most of the iron blocks from the module. You should know its against the rules since that counts as a act of griefing, but Shadow likes you and I like Shadow so I’ll give you another chance.

Unbanned. Locked.