i didn't do anything and i was banned by amphi. btw dis is andrew

i was just minding my own business and then BOOM! amphi bans me for no reason

You were a banned user, under an alt. No denying that.


Sorry buddy, we’re not idiots here.
So instead of changing your name AGAIN in attempt to bypass your ban, actually appeal.

You weren’t even doing that! You pleaded that I not ban you, but, I did. Why?

I originally banned andrewsong7001 for griefing Belport. If you had explained yourself in an appeal, maybe I would have unbanned you there. But you switched to an alt, Andrewdabest, to play on the server. When we found out it was you, we banned. Then, without appealing, you changed your name in order to bypass the appeal system.

This is a no-brainer. You’re staying banned. Maybe you should have just appealed in the first place.