I can't think of a creative greeting

My username is NylonNeonLeon (obviously), but my real name is Lee. Not short for Leon or anything, just Lee. I just liked the rhyme. I’m 19, and I live in the southern area of the US. No, I don’t have the accent, but my brother does. I’ve got a boyfriend, and yes, I am a man of the transgender variety. Don’t worry though: that’s not a defining aspect of my personality, just a tidbit that helps explain my flamboyancy and knowledge of both male and female stuff.

This server really sounded like fun to me because, back when I used to play (many updates ago), building cities was my jam. Actually, building in general is a fun time for me! I’m a woodworker! When I pay off some of the medical bills, I’ll enroll in trade school to get certified. Speaking of medical bills…

I have just come back to the game due to boredom. A bit of personal info, but I got sick. Not cancer or anything (we hope), but sick enough that I had to drop out of university and focus on getting better. I don’t like to dwell on this, and I strive to be a bubbly, positive personality everywhere I go.

I’m also a retired YouTuber who gave up after the channel fell apart. Friends tiffed, shit happened. The videos have been privated, so there’s no need to tell you what the channel was. You probably haven’t heard of it anyways.

I work part time at a gas station as the assistant manager. I have many funny stories; just ask.

Well, I’ll shut up now, but I look forward to building with you guys and gals! From the self-guided tour I took of the server, it seems like an absolute gem. Very well moderated and maintained. Props to you all.

If you have any questions for me, I’m a pretty open book. There’s really only a couple things I won’t touch.

Welcome to PCB palerino, hope you enjoy your stay !

If you’d like to contribute to our premier city, /warp bigcity, we are looking for people to help out :slight_smile:

Yeet, Welcome to Pe Ce Be. Its a pretty cool server. I hope u enjoy. 8)

You seem like a great person with an awesome personality - I’m openly gay and there are many other members that are LBGT :slight_smile: your very welcome and I’m excited to see you soon!


Btw @NylonNeonLeon, this server is LGBT so do not worry about your orientation, we will always respect you. Hope to see you around. :smiley:

Lewis would be the one to say something dumb smart like “palerino” (and the word has a higher IQ than I do)

Welcome to PCB buddyboo. hope you enjoy your stay !

Welcome to PCB, Nylon. :slight_smile:

Yo León, hope you enjoy your time on the server and come to like the people here. Can call me Josh, Auh, Auhsoj, Big Boss, Chosen Undead, Dovahkiin, Exalted One, BestJosh, whatever. Not to be confused with either of the other two trusted-rank members named Josh (Joshezz and TheJoshua, I believe). No probs with your orientation/etc., am bi. Welcome!

Edit: original nickname sucked. changed

Oh wow. You are all so receptive and kind. This is such an awesome server, and I’m glad I get the privilege to be on it!