I cant post a ban appeal?

It says I have to login to the forums to post a ban appeal but I AM?

[EDIT] now it works but when I say “send appeal”, it says this: “The letters you typed don’t match the letters that were shown in the picture.” Where is the picture? Its not there.

please help

Just go to the ban appeals forum section and make a new topic, since the form is not working atm.

Another idea I would like to test is to try the form when not logged in. Andy says it should only give the captcha image to those not logged in, but it seems to require it when they are logged in due to some conflict.

If you were not logged in, the captcha image should appear. I hope…

Try firstly logging in, then go to the players tab up top next to the pcb logo, then appeal a ban from there, see if that way works.

Nothing said above works…I really want to get unbanned guys!

Copy down here

Who Banned You:
Date Banned:
Reason for Unban:

I will make a post for you.