I cant find my stuff

121wer Mcculloch99 and I found a cool place on the new world to start building a town and I set home there but when I did /home it didn’t take me there and now I cant find it. All our stuff is there.
We spent a couple hours looking for it but we couldn’t find it we even used the dynamic map.
We had a chest there and 121wer put the cprivate on it I also put a cprivate on another chest there and I was wondering if the admins had a way of finding all cprivated chests or if they had any other way that they could help me find it.

Also I had lost all my items in a bad chunk and Andy duplicated them for me but I was out of town and Im not sure if 121wer had time to get them before we switched over to the new world.

I’m not sure if we can help with this. Andy may be able to find some info from the logs if you give an exact time and perhaps a phrase you said then.

The items duplicated by Andy were already your chance to get your stuff back. Even if it is lost, I think it is lost for good this time. Who knows, I may feel generous later. Ask me if you see me in game.

121 got the stuff but… guess what happens! A F**KING CORRUPT CHUNK IN THE NEW WORLD! 121 took our stuff back, and then we lost our stuff again due to the chunk. :’(

A phrase that 121wer said there was “wolf”
Another phrase he said was “WHAT THE HELL”
It might not be capitalized exactly like this

Is this a new chunk? I did a repair on all the corrupted chunks before switching the worlds

its the one i told u about last week andy

That should be repaired then