I can't be as active anymore

Some of you have probably already noticed that I am not on a lot / at all.

I’m 22 and due to personality problems i started to live in a place with other ppl my age with also different kinds of problems. In this place “De Kade” I get daily multiple therapy sessions and personal care. Lately the Internet has been shut down there and i cannot get online. In the weekends i head home and there i can use it, but yeah then i need to check everything i missed that week which can be a lot.
I will remain active on the forums but on the server not that much. I do come on so now and then to show my face and that i am still working for my rank.

I really miss you guys, but I really need to work on myself.

Greetings Yomi

Best of luck Yomi take care… hope to see you online sometime

Good luck, I still feel as shitty as I have been the past three months, I know it wont get better until I leave this shit hole of a country, so I’ll just have to wait; have fun :wink:

Good luck and have fun! Whenever you can return you won’t be forgoten by any of us!

Good luck yom yom :smiley:

We will be waiting for you :slight_smile:

So THAT’S where you have been! I was wondering why the ocarina music and “Mow!” had ceased on TS.