I believe there been a huge mistake

Guys I was banned by someone ( whoever it was please say) for stealing a block of emeralds from the arena. The last time I was at the arena was with Kingcouser, Anjwalker and a few other people. I let my older brother have a go on project city build since I own the only computer in the house. When I got back and questioned him about why there were now 9 emeralds, he told me he had struck lucky in an extreme hills biome. When I jus got back on it said i was banned for stealing emeralds, I immediantly chewed my brothers ear off in which he owned up to deliberately deciding to grief the arena and steal some emeralds. I understand this sounds VERY far fetched but please believe me! I have no history of causing trouble on here, plus (i know you have no reason to care about this) but me and anj are continuing to build this city.

Use the appeal a ban button, thank you.