I banned Fusify

Okay wow, I got a grief report about this builder today. I decided to look him up in the logs, and this is a sample of what I found. INSTANT BAN!!! Seriously WTH?

(23:13:40) yes manga you are an 11 year old with adhd
(23:13:47) ???
(23:13:48) and you get bullied at school…LOL
(23:14:02) Woah there…
(23:14:13) shes right…
(23:14:20) Oh!!!
(23:14:26) not 11
(23:14:27) though
(23:14:35) and allt he other stuuf no
(23:15:09) trust me i have no problem with you calling me a woman i just think to myself well is he really that mentally retarded to think that. :slight_smile:
(23:15:24) ur username says u are
(23:15:28) What’s with all the hate?
(23:15:35) hes a faggot
(23:15:49) introduced himself on my build badly first day i saw him
(23:15:57) no i didnt
(23:15:59) So?
(23:16:06) I don’t understand.
(23:16:07) no i didnt
(23:16:12) fuck off anim
(23:16:16) …
(23:16:17) hey
(23:16:18) your the biggest liar aswell
(23:16:22) you started this
(23:16:26) prepube retard
(23:16:26) so…
(23:16:29) Shall I report him?
(23:16:34) ya
(23:16:36) i will to
(23:16:37) Okay.
(23:16:43) go have a cry anim
(23:16:43) what should i say?
(23:16:47) say this
(23:16:52) fusify is picking on anim
(23:16:56) no
(23:16:58) much more
(23:16:59) plz mute him
(23:16:59) Piehole314 used /report fusify Aggresive Trolling on Anima.
(23:17:09) plz mute fusify he is a bully
(23:17:13) something anim would say
(23:17:24) Just stop…
(23:17:39) animangastar101 used /report fusify being holy innapropriate
(23:18:00) animangastar101 used /report fusify towards me and calling me wordsI
(23:18:11) also anim b4 u go cry to mummy think back to day1
(23:18:13) animangastar101 used /report fusify dont even know the meaning of
(23:18:29) Don’t listen to him.
(23:18:30) …
(23:18:59) haha anim
(23:19:04) you got in more shit then ever
(23:19:07) u lil girl
(23:19:12) trust me
(23:19:16) dont mess with me
(23:19:21) nothing will stop u getting demoted
(23:19:27) do it again
(23:19:30) keep it like that
(23:19:30) What?
(23:19:37) i dare you
(23:19:43) Your the one that’s trolling.

first i dont greif, yes i bully him. with reason of coarse, he is a smartarse and ive had enough of it.

[2012-08-07 11:45:09] Fusify: wow dude
[2012-08-07 11:45:09] bearbud1: my house
[2012-08-07 11:45:21] Fusify: why rainbow?
[2012-08-07 11:45:25] bearbud1: well
[2012-08-07 11:45:40] bearbud1: destert
[2012-08-07 11:46:29] Fusify: dude please go away
[2012-08-07 11:46:42] bearbud1: hotel
[2012-08-07 11:46:45] Fusify: i dont need your help
[2012-08-07 11:46:52] bearbud1: me?
[2012-08-07 11:46:55] Fusify: no
[2012-08-07 11:46:58] Fusify: anim
[2012-08-07 11:46:59] bearbud1: ok
[2012-08-07 11:47:10] Fusify: ANIM STOP
[2012-08-07 11:47:14] animangastar101: what
[2012-08-07 11:47:16] Fusify: PLEASE GO AWAY B4 I START ABUSING
[2012-08-07 11:47:24] animangastar101: ok
[2012-08-07 11:47:29] Fusify: UNDO IT ALL
[2012-08-07 11:47:40] animangastar101: ok bye
[2012-08-07 11:47:44] Fusify: undo it
[2012-08-07 11:47:48] bearbud1: hi
[2012-08-07 11:47:48] animangastar101: undo what
[2012-08-07 11:47:52] Fusify: WHAT U DID
[2012-08-07 11:47:54] Fusify: DERP
[2012-08-07 11:48:02] animangastar101: i didnt do anything though
[2012-08-07 11:48:02] bearbud1: o
[2012-08-07 11:48:07] Fusify: fuck off
[2012-08-07 11:48:09] Fusify: undo it
[2012-08-07 11:48:09] To see a list of rules and help type /rules
[2012-08-07 11:48:13] Fusify has been muted
[2012-08-07 11:48:14] bearbud1: o
[2012-08-07 11:48:15] animangastar101: mute him
[2012-08-07 11:48:19] animangastar101: thank u
[2012-08-07 11:48:19] [Teh_n00b_Op] zakrox96: please be respectful of others
[2012-08-07 11:48:28] animangastar101: keep him muted
[2012-08-07 11:48:31] [Teh_n00b_Op] zakrox96: its against rules to directly
[2012-08-07 11:48:31] > swear
[2012-08-07 11:48:33] animangastar101: dont give in
[2012-08-07 11:48:34] Fusify has been un-muted
[2012-08-07 11:48:38] animangastar101: dont
[2012-08-07 11:48:41] [Teh_n00b_Op] zakrox96: it was a warning
[2012-08-07 11:48:43] Fusify: well i asked you to stop
[2012-08-07 11:48:44] animangastar101: mote hom again now
[2012-08-07 11:48:48] [Teh_n00b_Op] zakrox96: no anim
[2012-08-07 11:48:49] Fusify: and asked you to undo what you did
[2012-08-07 11:48:52] animangastar101: :I
[2012-08-07 11:49:02] [Teh_n00b_Op] zakrox96: what did anim do?
[2012-08-07 11:49:06] [Teh_n00b_Op] zakrox96: im over here
[2012-08-07 11:49:06] animangastar101: ive been building stuff since then

that is first chat i encountered with him, eversince he has been a liar,nuisence and plain out project stealer.

Player abuse is as bad/worse than griefing.

Fus, some players said that you were also griefing, any truth in that? And even he is “a liar,nuisence and plain out project stealer”, why you have to do the same to him?

no i strongly dont like greifing, please find all the proof you can.

Maybe so, but I can’t condone some of the language you have been using. Many of our members are kids and should not have to deal with abuse like that. Yes, I can see that animangastar is being a serious pain. You should have called zakrox over to check the griefing ani did. If he messed your work up, he could have been banned for it.

I do realize they provoked you by saying they thought you were a female, but that’s not quite enough to justify what you said.

Oh, and by the way, the grief report I received had nothing to do with this incident. It was not even from anyone in these chats.

[2012-08-09 14:05:34] animangastar101: ur skin sucks
[2012-08-09 14:05:38] animangastar101: :stuck_out_tongue:
[2012-08-09 14:05:40] animangastar101: jussayin

animangastar101: and she spams my personal info on here
(only his name just confirming it was him since he sent me to his deviantart site, also continuous nonstop “she” ive told him over 100 plus times im a male.)

if you want more of the “player abuse” from him im happy to find it.

Exactly. People think I’m female all the time because of my name. I just tell them I’m not and then we joke about it.

yea but he doesnt joke, he continues to do it, also i even had him greif me 3+ times but he undid it to avoid getting in any trouble. i really dont need that

Welcome to the club, bro xD

It strarts to seem like animangastar isnt innocent either. He should atleast get warned too.

so maybe an unban would be nice? since i really dont want to go looking for another decent server

Now, he never called me, but I came over there anyway. All animangaster did was help by putting up walls with cuboid. I understand it wasn’t needed, but he DID WAY over-react to anima’s help. I ended up undoing it, so he shouldn’t have carried that grudge. I don’t know if he should be unbanned.
EDIT: Thought I should include this. It is the logs of me undoing the cuboid. it was a /z walls command.

[2012-08-06 20:48:43] Fusify: well i asked you to stop
[2012-08-06 20:48:43] animangastar101: mote hom again now
[2012-08-06 20:48:48] [Teh_n00b_Op] zakrox96: no anim
[2012-08-06 20:48:49] Fusify: and asked you to undo what you did
[2012-08-06 20:48:52] animangastar101: :I
[2012-08-06 20:49:02] [Teh_n00b_Op] zakrox96: what did anim do?
[2012-08-06 20:49:06] [Teh_n00b_Op] zakrox96: im over here
[2012-08-06 20:49:06] animangastar101: ive been building stuff since then
[2012-08-06 20:49:08] animangastar101: so no
[2012-08-06 20:49:15] [Teh_n00b_Op] zakrox96: wait fus
[2012-08-06 20:49:19] bearbud1: o
[2012-08-06 20:49:21] [Teh_n00b_Op] zakrox96: want the walls gone?
[2012-08-06 20:49:22] bearbud1: sorry
[2012-08-06 20:49:26] Fusify: yes
[2012-08-06 20:49:29] Place two blocks to determine the edges.
[2012-08-06 20:49:34] 1078 blocks.
[2012-08-06 20:49:37] [Teh_n00b_Op] zakrox96: there
[2012-08-06 20:49:39] Fusify: thank you
[2012-08-06 20:49:43] [Teh_n00b_Op] zakrox96: its no problem

I think it seems that both parties are at fualt and should serve the same amount of ban time in the form of a three day temporary ban, any objections?
That also means if fusty has been banned for a day now, he only has two to go.

that sounds reasonable, with the point of all this being Act your age and not your shoe size. if you don’t like all the children on Classic, buy the full game and play on CMP. if this is not an option than you really need to just go with the flow and understand that kids are going to be like that.

I think that sounds fair.

He does have the full game I’ve seen him on survival/creative.

well that is a phail for him then.

I’m okay with a temporary punishment. I still feel that Fusify has earned the greater punishment. I’m just not happy with the particular choice of language. Just… be more careful in the future.

Okay, classic hates me right, now, I can’t deal out the chill pills, some one else mind to?


What are you on about banz? Cant you just message him instead??