I am stuck in the respawn screen

:-\ plz someone help me anyone

Can you please elaborate? What is “Respawn screen” What was the last thing you saw before you saw the screen, what map were you on, etc. More details to evaluate the problem would be more beneficial to your need for assistance

I can relate to this problem, sometimes when i log onto the server after being on minechat i spawn dead in the lobby with the screen offering to take me to the main menu or to respawn however neither buttons work. Normal when i relog it is gone however… Have you tried reloging?

My solution was logging in and having someone /tp me to a different map immediately. IF that doesn’t work, you’ll notice that the buttons DO work, but your cursor has to be in some ridiculous spot for the button to highlight.

This is either a result of lag or a glitched GUI. I’ve never heard of this happening without it being either of those two.

Mostly a new one on me too. FTB acted crazy for me a few times. Resetting should fix it. If it does not, you can force an update so it reloads everything.

Let us know what happened!