I am stuck in the End Portal

Yesterday, I have been hunting for ender pearls, and I have managed to get enough to enter the End. I killed the Ender Dragon, and went into the End Portal, initiating the credits. After the credits, I continually get “loading terrain,” the words you get when you join the server, and I cannot escape the End Portal that I am stuck in. Every time the world is loaded, which takes a split second, I only get another split second to escape the portal. I tried to use MineChat, but the app told me that it couldn’t send any text messages, when I joined the server from there. I think the only solution is for a player to /tp me to their location.

Keep trying to join, i’ll try and TP you out.

Okay. Thank you, Mannriah. :slight_smile:

Sorry to revive. I’m stuck.

Teleported to Ferf, now I’m stuck.

Resolved. Locked.

Yes I happened to answer my phone irl and ended up falling into the end portal the other day and exactly the same happened to me.

It creates some sort of loop eventually going to the credits - I tried restarting the launcher and then had to wait again till it got to end of credits - and you cannot escape it - tried getting someone to tp me to them - no good.

Luckily Ouhai came on and Marco and Whiteunicorn explained my situation and Ruby worked out a way to save me.

Best way out was Ouhai removed the center of the end portal and I was saved.

Perhaps we should warn others not to go into it.

Hooray for Marco, Whiteunicorn and most of all Ouhai.

I set up a command block rig last night that should fix the issue.

Well done