Wellll Just a friendly post to say guess who’s back. My name is just to the left so no real need to guess and I will apologise for my sudden and unexplained absence which I shall now explain.

I was thinking casually to my self " yo where’s the respect peeps" and then blamed it on my uncivilised manner with which I spoke and decided to train myself to become a god or at least some sort of mythical legend. Leaning more towards dragons because well I like dragons but hey who doesn’t?

Any who I have perhaps developed a much more interesting way of speaking and, [size=2px]unfortunately, I did sound somewhat American at some point (not offense intended). I also may have mastered the art of sass. I have returned and its like a brand new shiny toy they you find lying under your bed that you briefly forgot but never will be able to again

Peace Out

Wb! Its been a while and i hope everything has been ok, if you need anything feel free to ask!

Emmmm Welcome back :slight_smile:

[size=xx-large]Ladies and Gents,
[size=xx-large]PCB’s Sass Queen is back and


[size=xx-large]then ever…


We might just be here all day mwhahahahaha