I am PCB

I am the living embodiment of PCB, I demand all the cake that lay freshly cooked and prepared to be fed to me at once, or I declare a jihad upon PCB!



Thou shall Silence themselves or thou shall see these Pictures released through the open world

Go home ymb, you’re drunk.

You said Jihad?

i laughededed


Hap birth.

ymb u be alurve.

i cut you the biggest slice.
happy you little fuck.

CAAAKE.[size=18pt] CAAAKE.[size=36pt] FUCKING CAAAKE!
What on earth is Ruby wearing? XD

Excuse me? I’ll have you know that is my best wedding suit

Your YMB-ness, I have a confession to make.

The first cake I posted was… Gluten-Free.

Forgive me.

Anvil. And knowing him, probably three and a half tons of crack.