I am Back?? (Sorta)


Well as some of you probably have noticed I have been very MIA from PCB. That would be the result of working 60+ hour weeks, working till 2am every night, and hardly being home on my days off. It’s been a very tough and busy year for me and I thought it would be nice of me to update everyone that I am driving myself a bit crazy, but mentally I am doing well. I miss being active and having the time to be here thus (and maybe some of you have noticed this too) I have been poking around the server…on Survival ~ Shock ~ o My *>insert shook Pikachu Meme<

I can’t say this is a full-on welcome me back to crazy active, but, if you are on very late chances are you might see me online here and there!

For those of you newbies who have no idea who I am, I am Mark…

  • PrinceMark - MorkyMork - BerryBlue/CherryRed - MORK - MAHK - Prince, Mark of many, etc.

I am a Veteran PCB player since 2011 (wow im old), and a >Retired< Senior Op
Don’t be shy, I only bite sometimes. But don’t ask me to WE for you cause I have no idea what that is :slight_smile:

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hope to see you around, welcome back (sorta)!

Yooooooooooooo, sup mork!

Welcome back Mark!!

Hey Mister! Welcome back… I am poking around as well :slight_smile: