I am back.... Sorta

I did not realize anyone whould noticed I left but… the reason I left was I am super behind in school and I want to get done with all my work on the end of april. (I am homeschooled) after resent speculation I am about a semester behind in school :stuck_out_tongue: this led me to the understanding of LIFE COMES BEFORE MINECRAFT so I had to buckle down and do about half a semester work of school in one week. since april is almost over I am still working way past my burnout time. My brain may be fried but I still want to get done by the end of April.

BTW when you are homeschooled you normaly do your school work in your room, my 3ds and stuff is in my room. 3 words “I have Netflix” and this led to where I am now. I do not recommend waiting till the last 3 weeks of the school year to do all of your school work :-\

Anyhow I will be gone for a little while longer but I will be back on soon ;D

Sorry to hear that but I can relate because senioritis is strong with me right now.


Ahh, that explains where you went. I was wondering where you disappeared to. Anyways, good luck with getting everything done with! Don’t break your brain too much, you still got a lot of Feed The Beast’ing to do =P

I had noticed you were gone. It was odd alright. I thought Crass must have chased you off or something!


I resemble that remark.

Also, recent*, you really do need to catch up me thinks.

Crass I think you mean: I resent that remark

no sir, crass always means what he says