I Accidentally the Whole Server

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The creative server and survival have been updated to the latest version of Minecraft (1.2.5). The survival server now has a new map and a world size of 8000 x 8000.

But in the process of the survival server upgrade, the website ran into some “difficulties”. We have lost 2 weeks of forum data unfortunately.

Flymods are now allowed in the survival server.

Edit 2 (Andy): The website disappeared again just then as I had to re-set up the web server. Forums are still being fixed

:’( I lost so many posts, and info. I think i lost about 150 posts.

I am aware of the server status bars being broken. Those will take some time to reconfigure again so please do not report them to me. I am also aware that the default avatar is not correctly displayed for the user. These will be fixed tomorrow.

Everything else should be up and running as normal

@Myth: I’ve upped your post count by 150

;D Thank you andy. ;D

Does this mean that the survival is up with all the plugins or is it partially vanilla now?

2 weeks gone ouch :confused:

Yay, I can log in again! It seems the DNS servers in my area refused to recognize the domain name of PCB.

Andy, we are just thankful you were wise enough to have a save at all! Seriously, thank you.


Well, at least we still have a site :smiley:

i dont mean to be a pain in the ass for everyone. but… as far as posts go. i was near 323
and could i please be repromoted (and Cherryred too) to server mod?

lol, were you and cherry the only ones that became mod in the past 2 weeks? XD

i think so.

Yes, I’ll repromote you and cherry give me a sec. Also boosted post counts a bit. I should add more to myself but meh.

awesome sauce!

thanks Sip.

I’m glad we’ve got everything else aleast it wasn’t 2 months >.> Also I’ve lost around 50 posts… <.<

I updated your post count Sacred. I’m just posting this so no one else ups it another 50.

That wouldn’t be good, then he would look like he actually goes on the forums a little often. XD

I’m on forums all the time I only post on things I feel like I need to…

I actually think i might have seen that a while back, but i really didn’t want to mess with it. I guess I just forgot about it then. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just imagine my sorrow had I not saved a back-up of my ToS.

Truthfully I was wondering what happened when I noticed some threads were missing my posts.

Oh well, I don’t believe anything too important will have been lost, maybe some discussion about the updates, but they’re pretty much done, and anything that still needs to be discussed can be. :smiley: