Hyde Court

The third, and largest, of my estates built throughout the northern continent, currently in the process of being furnished/completed. At (by rough estimate based on measuring dimensions, going by minecraft 1 block = 1 meter scale) over 120,000 square feet, it likely is by far the largest residence on the map. Heavily based on the Baz version of Great Gatsby’s depiction of the Buchanan mansion & the demolished Pennsylvanian estate Whitemarsh Hall, among other gilded age mansions:

Approach to gate

Front elevation

Side driveup, have to clear woods to the left to build carriage house/garage and boat jetty

Work on rear gardens and approach

Entrance Hall

Rear entrance hall and central rotunda

North wing hallway

Sitting room

Woah. Nice! I’d love you to build something like that in Park City, maybe a museum!

Thats awesome, i want one!

Very nice! Is that resource pack a customized version of Flows?

It does remind me of Flows HD a lot, but has a few differences. I’d like to know as well.

WOAH thats awesome! This is what PCB is all about :smiley: Amazing Building!

Texture pack is modern HD:



Sitting Room:

Have since switched to FlowsHD

rear gardens taking shape:

2nd floor gallery and grand stairwell

the whole shebang

I love it, looks stunning. :slight_smile:

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