[size=36pt]Hunger Games Capitol City (plus districts later, maybe)

I’ve had an idea to build the “Capitol” from the Hunger Games books/movies and maybe add the districts later, but now I need builders for the Capitol. I need builders who can work to a theme but also can be creative and, as you can see from the second picture, train people. This would be a very big project and would take a long time (I’m hoping 3-6 months depending on how many people help), so I need people who are committed.

I still need to find a good spot for it, because I need both a mountain range and a sea (look at photos).
I hope to hear from some people soon, volunteering as tributes!


I shall help!

I volunteer as tribute!

… wait …

I volunteer to help!

Oooh, ambitious. I like the sound of it. Good luck!

Hmmm Interesting! I Will Help With The Rail/Train Dam Thing lol

Oh and a quick note. If we burn you burn with us!!

As I mentioned earlier, I needed to find a good spot to build this and I think I have, it’s quite a large area enclosed by mountains and next to the sea, so I will find out the coords next time I’m online and post them here, so hopefully we can start building!

Fun Fact: The Capitol is most likely based off Salt Lake City, Utah.

Sure I’ll provide the tech, part of the situation :slight_smile:

-3620 / -3620

every other place with mountains and sea are taken up by intersections. Random intersections in the middle of nowhere.

I volunteer as tribute :slight_smile:

I want in! I’ll tp to you if i see u

Eww, Utah.

But I’ll be happy to help as soon as I finish my big city build project.

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