Hows the apocalypse, mate?

So in Australia it is now 21/12/2012 the day the Mayans said the world would end. So Australians, are you dead yet?

UPDATE: New Zealand is also alive.

Naw, I think Australia is somehow going to survive the end of the world, as shown in this Youtube Video… The End of the World

So far, I think the Mayans predicted high winds, not the end of the world. On a related note, our chicken fence keeps falling down.

Here: 00:00 12/21/12 NOTHING

WHAT haha sweet so i’ll still be able to sleep XD

Well, over here it’s 12/20/12 (American dating system, Month/Day/Year), so we’ve got a while to go. My freind said she was going to stay up all night so she wouldn’t die… I told her it shouldn’t be until tomorrow morning, so she relaxed and then spazzed out.

On a related note, Google Calender mysteriously had an entry for the End of the World appear, along with a timer…

It’s cuz of someone’s 11:11 wish :stuck_out_tongue: While everybody else using the same time to wish for it to not end xD

zesty, i fucking lvoe you mate. that was awesome.

ive been doing something similar. on FB. everymorning i post the screen that shows up on Majora’s Mask each new day… you know, the

Dawn of [inset day]
~[insert hours] Remaining~

i plan on posting the
“Dawn of a New Day”

on the 22nd of December… so that should be quite funny.

8:00 AM here, still npthing unusual I’m justbst school now :stuck_out_tongue:

Nothing special here! I know some religious nuts who believe the rapture is today. Can’t wait to see them again. Seriously, anyone who believes that strongly in their religion… I mean, I get it to some extent, but a lot of it just sounds crazy (and I mean any religion).

Sorry if that offends anyone. Your welcome to believe what you want, just don’t bother those that don’t want to hear it.


Ha right now im in the US, it’s like 7 somethin. :stuck_out_tongue: NOt worried at all, especially since whu survived. But i have a feeling that when i get to school, all my friends are gonna be talking about how much they’ll miss me. xD

Well… the bible does say that it will come when no one is expecting it, so they are obviously misguided :stuck_out_tongue:

I respect you for bringing that up.

Well, that was anticlimactic… There was 1 flood as far as I know. That’s it.