How Was Your Week?

I decided to make this thread because I’ve been having a particularly stressful week and I figured other people here may be too. Post about your week, good bad anything flies just curious about you guys.

Here’s how mine goes:

To give an idea about things mentioned in here I’m in Student Gov. at my school and I (was) the media intern.

Tuesday: Finish up getting music for Bonfire and the Halftime Show for Homecoming.
Wednesday: Play music at lunch nothing major. Getting out of a 3hr swim practice for float building.
Thursday: This is the day where things started to go south. No music at lunch. Went swim practice to bonfire. Played music and stuff in the stadium. Went down to the bonfire area and other media Guy played sound. Some music with “bad/dirty” words were played by him. Admin pissed.

Friday: I come to school… first period I get a call from the Media Commissioner, i ended the call because i was in class. We are learning about nuclear chemistry in there XD. Second period my student gov period. After the main meeting the teacher supervising calls me over and tells me the Media Commissioner was fired. I’m panicking in my brain because not only do I now have to run a rally, I have to run the sound for the night at the stadium. Talked a bit, and figured out what I needed to get. First up was the wireless mics for the stadium, talked to the principal that is the one involved in punishment, he is the keeper of the mics. Apparently they never got returned to him, so i knew they were in the stadium then, I told him I would personally return them to him tonight. Next up is getting sound set up for the rally, so I along with a few helpers had to go grab the keys and get the speakers and PA system out of the electrical room. Moved them to the gym, the Rally Commissioner helped me set them up but not wire just yet. I next needed to get the videos for the rally from Multimedia. Turns out they had one done but the other they had no music for… said they would have it done in 25min. Period is nearly ending now, had to get out of third period (spanish 2). Had to get cart from admin for the projector. Sent people over to get extension cords for the PA so we dont blow a fuse (last time we nearly set the speakers on fire). 3rd period is starting now. I needed to get float music for the game later. Got the juniors music, not seniors (which had the best mix). Set up projector and everything. Good to go right? Not quite the other rally commissioner told me i needed to get 3 more songs. The gym doesn’t exactly have internet so I have to run all the way back to the class (across campus) to get the songs… at this point I still don’t have the videos from media. Got the songs… about 25min before rally (first time running one), I finally got the videos. We went though a horrible run through. Rally time. I hit the music amazing. I still dont have the Cheer music. The coach gives it to me 5 min before they perform. Everything goes fine, speakers started to clip quite often, had to turn the mics down more than wanted. Clean up for the sound took about 30min. Late to English where I had a test, im in the class with the hardest teacher because of course I’m taking AP Euro, and he goes along with it. I missed the writing portion of the test, have to make it up sometime. He marked me absent. School ends. Time to move the music to the computer because I hadn’t had any time. Lost the timeline for the game tonight. Had teachers daughter give me one. Had swim practice, good stress reliever. Go home eat real quick come back and start to run sound. Turns out we didnt need the wireless mics. Sound was good the first part but one of the channels was dead with the 1/8" input but fine with the XLR. Floats come around eventually and the music played fine but not very load when I had the amp and the speakers all the way up. We need a new power amp for those speakers BTW. Went fine left around 9:30 and gave the mics to the principal. Was within a half a mile of the school for 14 hours. Long day.


If it helps, somebody sprayed yoghurt all over my leg yesterday.

Well, I have failed three quizes in the last week, failed to get a certain plugin working as well.

Gah! Shadow, please focus more on those grades! Hmm, should we instate a self regulated rule about keeping grades up to play here?

Minecraft is addicting, so it can really hurt other areas of your life. All I can really do is encourage. Good luck.

Sip, I would like to know more about what is involved in those tasks. What makes it so demanding? What is “getting music” and why is it bad that there was no music Thursday? I know you had to take over for the other media guy, but what extra tasks did that give you?

Monday and Tuesday: Back to school. 6thform (senior year/year 12 and 13) induction days, lots of listening, and writing shit down.

Wednesday and Thursday: Team building course near Llangollen. (the following tasks are not in order)

  1. There was a post, with holes in it, and a 2x2 foot platform on top. We had to climb the post, by putting metal pegs into the holes, and using them as hand/foot holds. Once all 4 people were on top of the tiny platform (at the same time) we had to hold wrists, and lean backwards, balancing each other. Then let go and fall xD
  2. Rock climbing. During which it rained, and my hands went numb. But it was still awesome. xD
  3. At the top of 2 large ladders strapped to a tree, there were 2 ropes, starting close together, and progressively getting further apart. Two people had to climb the ladder, and stand on one rope each. You then put your hands out, and lean against each others hands, to balance so you don’t fall. Then start moving along the ropes, with an increasing distance between you. Then jump off.
  4. Climb pole, jump off, hit a giant ball hanging in front of you as you jump. (Leap of faith)
  5. Other small activitys.

Friday: Lessons. Geography, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, then a free session at the end of the day. Later, go to watch a rugby match. Sale Sharks Vs. London Irish Exiles. Sale won :smiley:

All in all, a pretty good week :smiley:
All of the height related challenges, were about the same height as a telegraph post? Or to about the second story of a house. Not good if you are scared of heights… :s I can do rock climbing fine, but the other stuff was pretty scary :stuck_out_tongue: But still fun :smiley:

Well, I met this girl on Monday
took her for a drink on Tuesday
we were making love by Wednesday
and on Thursday & Friday & Saturday we chilled on Sunday.

Mine was good. I played some soccer, did some band things, got onto student government, helped a friend, and felt satisfied.

Kyle it wasn’t really those 4 days lol, besides having to be at and around school for a extraordinary amount of time. It was really Friday that was the worst. Which I havnt got around to editing yet.

Jet Congrats on getting into stu gov!!! It makes school much different or atleast for me. What are you gonna do there :smiley:

Tons of homework.
Nuff’ said.

my grades are fine its just they give us tons of stuff to study

Ouch, just do what i do and dont do anything but lessons. :stuck_out_tongue:

Never take French as your foreign language class…

Nuff’ Said.

I have latin… It may be worse