How to waste your afternoon

If you manage to get hold of someone you know’s IP, you can have fun searching for what they have downloaded.

It doesn’t track every torrent but it gets quite a bit. See what embarrassing things you can dig up.

Oh good, it seems to only track torrent records. You had me worried there! Kidding! (or not?) Anyway, neat find.

“Well you’re in the clear!”

Same gggeeee, dynamic (cheep) ip ftw with other users, but your ISP internet company will still know what you have done >.> <.<

Since I live on shared ip. there is a lot of downloads.

This one just made my day though.
Lesbian.Office.Seductions … .XXX.DVDRip.XviD-STARLETS (1.37 GB)
^Da fuck?

I think I speak for all of us when I say, LOL. I need to try this on some people xD

Thats alot of porn man.

It is? That is just a small video clip. It’s likely about 30 min of video at most. I saw that and figured it was you hard! Think it was your dad? ;D

I am a little surprised my IP does not have more. True, it’s been weeks since my last torrent, but I have another in the house that is tech-savy enough to use em too. I mostly download new Anime translations. I need those subtitles guys!

Wow! Sexy!
I mean… Ew who the hell would download that… thats nasty… yeah…