How to meke cool name tags

How do you make those cool name tags like mayor of KFC ka and that stuff how do you do that???

You mean the Sig’s? like my fatso12321 with server ranks?

If so then what you would need to do is create a image, upload it to imageshack or another site, then use the forum URL link they give you and copy and paste it into your signature box under account management or so, maybe, yea? no idea.

But I don’t know how to make that imidge I wloud know how to put it but I don’t know how to make it.

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh god, Kill it! Kill it with FIRE!

Please fix the sig!!! Anyone!

I have like 20 mins before work, i will whip up a quick temp sig for you bol, but understand that if you want your own one then there are unwriten and writen rules to follow, such as the size… that is way to big XD

Also lol kyle!

Ok so your gonna meak me a name tag?

Send it to my mail [email protected]

I can make a better one later today, or others can if they want to before hand.

Once ive made one ill send it to you or just put it straigt up, is there anything in particular you want color wise or pics, word fonts ect?

whel I wloud like my carachter to be in the background and the colours are: black red something cool ok?

for font, background and a boarder?

Just make my caracter in the background and make it look cool thats all. 8)


I would have to say that loos pretty. 8)
XD nice job fatso.

yeah seriously thats awesome. do you mine making me one too? could you make my current sig as the background with Trusted on it and my dark link skin in the sig as well?

I’ll have a go when I get chance too :slight_smile:

And fatso what program do you use for the name tags

I couldn’t add your skin, as I was going to use skinviewer, but you have changed your skin, so it shows the new one xD This is what I came up with anyway

no that is absolutely epic. thanks so much liam

Right I’ll try to do a few tonight :smiley:

mine is awful Q_Q

Sorry I didn’t get a chance to do more than one tonight, but since Shadow’s has seemed to become a competition I decided to enter :>