How to get your wings (install fly modifications)

What you need.
Winrar,7zip, any archiver.
5 Minutes of free time

Step1. Download the latest Zombes Mod Pack
Step2. Open Your MC Jar. ( start/run/%appdata%/.minecraft/bin/) with an archiver
Step3. Delete META-INF if you haven’t already
Step4. Open Zombes modpack
Step5. Drag the classes inside the modpack over to your minecraft jar
Step6. Go to the .minecraft folder and make a folder called mods
Step7. Open the mods folder and make another folder called zombe
Step8. add the config.txt into the zombe folder
Step9. PLAY and enjoy the game

Premade Controlls
F- Activate
R- Speed
E- Ascend

Customized Zombies Mod (Flymod Only) is available below

(Zombes Modpack was made by Zombe)

[attachment deleted by admin due to data loss]

As awesome as this is, I wonder if the post should be hidden. It is not a disruptive as the xray mod, but it still enables several other things from the pack. I won’t do anything for now.

I dunno if your familiar with natural selection but baaaaaaasically, dumb people are not supposed to be able to adapt and flourish. In every species other than humans, the dumb/weak ones die thus giving the elite more opportunity to mate which in turn makes the species stronger. I’m sure you can see where i’m going with this in relation to this thread…

Add the rules regarding Fly mods and I won’t mind this.

Think the owner would mind if i removed alot of the things that arent for flymod and put it all together in a simple pack?

In comparison of guests with xray vs modifying intellectual property… I’d honestly prefer the latter :stuck_out_tongue:

Right and you wouldn’t even have to modify zombe’s. Just use a different one that only contains fly.

I don’t see why you cant remove features from the pack. Actually, it would be as easy as altering the config file. Mods like the cloud removal are fine, but some others may be too much. It’s up to you really. Andy and Nek seem OK with this.

I shall mod it in two ways.
in the Mod+ board i will post another file. with other mods enabled
IN here i will just put flymod

Guys this isn’t the only place to download flymod, if you are only modifying the config someone could easily download the normal modpack config and get around it. When I get back ill see if I can modify the class files. But again this has the same issue as the config problem. So I guess we have an approved modpack for trusted and lower. And if caught using the standard modpack for things like x-ray or ore finder, they will either be banned or get a warning.

So I’ve been told this pack contains a mod to actually allow you to see another players screen.

That’s not what I agreed upon, I agreed upon the FLY MOD ONLY.

Why the hell would you include other mods besides fly mod in this?

^ Yes, we can’t have normal people hacking basically to be able to get more money, or see others screens. Like I said when I get back home ill try to take all of it besides fly out.

Wait I’m confused. What do you mean by “seeing another player’s screen”? Inventory? What they’re looking at and doing?

An example would be if you play Call of Duty and after you die you get a killcam of the player that killed you 3 seconds beforehand. You can see their screen and possibly inventory.

I really don’t think that’s possible Nek…

I did not know of that specific mod, but I know there are many parts of the pack that I do not use. Most of the mods only work in single player. Several others are cosmetic like the cloud one.

I like the one that lets you see where mobs may spawn based on light. I always wondered where that random zombie came from in my home, and I found a small spot without enough light with it. I think that mod is safe for public use.

The only mods I have concerns about are Xray and ore finder. The only “screen viewing” mod that I know of is the one that lets you view things through a nearby mob’s eyes (no control). I see nothing wrong with it as it probably doesn’t even help unless you’re searching for caverns or dungeons - in which case you can press F3 and get the same information out of it anyway.

IF any of you have ever made video games. Then you would know what a camera is. It basicly moves your camera onto theirs. You dont see there inv all you see is your inv and your hand. but you see it as if it was you walking around. and if you go 3rd person its them not you. You have no control over them

The plan is.
To have a plugin give control of a player whilest a new mod (based of the veiw mod) gives you visual.
I havent even started on this. i need some more coders to help me out, Such as Sipjca when he gets back.

If i do get this to work, it will be an amazing bit of technology on our server. unless it gets into the wrong hands

the one that lets you view things through a nearby mob's eyes (no control)
Like hard said, its the same mod. It works on ANY 'living' thing. It is the cheat section of zombe's mod, containing ore finder, mob finder, xray and other things i cant remember.