How to Add/Change your signature

[size=10pt]Signatures can help you stand out and add some flair to your posts. Once you have finished making your signature, which should be no bigger than 500 X 150, you need to add it to your profile.

1. Upload your image to an image hosting site. There are lots of options to choose from - Imgur, ImageShack, Photobucket,, Dropbox, and many many more. Whichever you choose, you will need the Direct URL from the image, otherwise known as Direct Link. This can sometimes be aqquired by right-clicking the image and clicking “copy image url”.

2. Go to your profile (on these forums) found at the top under Forum>Forum Profile. Scroll down to “signature” and type in this:[img]DIRECT LINK HERE[/img]Then, click the “save” button, and that’s it! You now have your own signature.