How messy is your desktop?

I have always wondered how other peoples desktop have looked, So here is a picture of my desktop[details=“Spoiler”]

Feel free to show the world your desktop.

Here are my 2 screens (Sorry its so big) XD

I cleaned it yesterday, was about 2gb load a crap on my desktop

umm how do i screenshot on a mac?.. xD

@Javierero Command+Shift+3 screenshots the entire page. Command+Shift+4 lets you screenshot a specific area.

If only you guys knew…Im such an organizational freak

Heres mine :stuck_out_tongue: Not much really


I refuse due to incriminating evidence.

Thank you john for this magix BTW my cursor was on the right shoulder so thats why the windows 8 bar is out


very hap hazard rainmeter throwing around. Default sprites!

Messy as usual :smiley: It’s been worst though!

I like to keep it organised. That shortcuts folder has a load of crap in it though.

Feast your eyes upon my clutter!

Rainmeter is the shit. Unless you use that “Do I need a jacket?” thing. That is so overused its a crime against humanity. And it doesn’t work for me and that’s all that matters, ever.

Meta, looking at that genuinely stresses me out…

well I have 2 folders 1. trash 2.well a folder that says “this holds things” and thats where all my junk lies.

I think that its silly to have apps all over when you have a picture on your screen. why put the picture there if you are just going to cover it up?! “Have no fear! this hold things folder is here!”

My laptop is quite new so I have like nothing on it :slight_smile:

I got a few shots to share. Here is mine: