How many tickles does it take to make Octo laugh?

Ten tickles :wink:


Now that I have your attention

Today weโ€™re announcing a well deserved promotion.

Welcome @TheOctopus officially to the Admin team. Octo has been helping @Andy out a tonne behind the scenes, especially with the move to our new Discourse forums. We hope with his new rank he will gain the recognition he deserves from the community.

Congratulations and good luck! :neutral_face: :tada: :fireworks: :smile:


AYYYYY, well deserved :wink: :heart:

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Thanks everyone, itโ€™s an honour to be accepted into the super secret club of cool kids. Now I can begin my plans for server domination.


Yay Octo! Well deserved. Keep it up, my dude.

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Congrats Octo!:grin:

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Congrats Octo, you really do deserve this and thank you for being out right amazing when it comes to all the behind the scenes work.

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hes the reason i can even build on the server

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congrats octo!! this is probably the second greatest achievement since Ive met you, only after

COngrats deary, long overdue

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Grats! Well Deserved!


Congrats Octo!


totally deserved darling :clap::clap: