How many more?

Listen to Beyonce people!!

In all seriousness, please watch below:


NB: Do not preach hate here. This is simply to raise awareness.


No more violence. Amen.

10/10 [size=xx-large]Demand a Damn PLAN

[size=8pt]the wall will be built

It’s sad that this video is 3 and a half years old, but is still just as relevant today…

If not more relevant. If anything was going to force change in America, it would have been Sandy Hook. I hope common sense can somehow push through here.

Alot of people may say mental illness is to blame, and in some cases it is, but you cant always blame the mental illness.

Idk where I saw this but it rings true:

“Oh let’s ban Muslims to stop them getting in and killing people” - Trump 2k16
“Oh we can’t ban guns people will get them in anyway” - Trump 2k16

Logic much?