§? How i do dis?

ok, i copied and pasted this, but how do i type this icon? §

Isn’t it only on Mac?

On my mac i have to press "option, then press 6. §§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§

There is a code for PC, I used to know quite a few codes for the symbols. But all I remember is holding either control or alt and typing in some numbers and it would make symbols like “é” “¢” “¿” etc. I’m using my iPhone so I can just hold down some buttons to make the symbols ;D

Just google some codes ;D


That’s a lot of symbols i would never either remember or use. ;D

I challenge myself to know what those symbols are. xD
¡ Spanish thing at the start of a sentence with a ! at the end. (By sip, upside down exclamation point)
™ Trade Mark
£ Pound Sterling
¢ lolwut? (By sip, clearly your not American, cents)
∞ Infinite
§ Simoleans ( xD ) (Zak, 0167, on num-pad with alt held down)
¶ Paragraph?
• Bullet point (Zak, 63155)
ª small a?
º Degree?
– minus
≠ not equal to
“ lolwut? (Really? cmon)
π lolwut (by sip, CMON ITS PI)
ø lolwut? (By Ouhai: Danish letter)
ˆ lolwut? (By so, to power of)
¨ lolwut?
¥ yen (1200)
† lolwut?(Hard: a cross…)
® Registered trade mark
´ lolwut?
∑ epsilon - sum of
ü umlaut
œ oe thing I cant remember.
å lolwut?
ß Beta? (By Ouhai: it’s a german symbol instead of a double s too.)
∂ lolwut?
ƒ frequency?
© copyright
˙ lolwut?
∆ delta
˚ degree?
¬ lolwut?
… ellipsis
æ ae thing I cant remember
÷ divide
≥ greater than or equal to
≤ less than or equal to
µ micro
˜ lolwut? (By Ouhai: Tide.)
∫ differentiation thingy. Bounds
√ Square route of
ç french thing that sounds like an s
≈ approximately equal to
Ω Cant remember. lolwut? (By sip Omega)

Hold Alt, then press 7 + 8 + 9, then release Alt.

Me and my sister randomly guessing, these are my findings. More soon.
§ 0167
ᴜ 7452
ֳ 1459
ڤ 1700
ᥤ 6500
ಷ 3255
ኖ 4758
ֆ 1414
ᵘ 7512
ᢜ 6300
ᨊ 6666
Ϩ 1000
:keyboard: 9000
ὀ 8000
Ὀ 8008
▢ 9634
Ұ 1200
ᇢ 4578
ত 2468
⌽ 9021
ശ 3382
ഢ 3362

ALT codes are different for each computer/brand, for instance Alt 2 1 is how i got this §

well, bro, that also works for me xD