How Do I...

How Do I Remove This

Facepalm /lb toolblock is to check for who broke a block/placed a block, mainly for staff or other’s checking for grief. It’s not a bug, or a cheat. lol…

i mean, we can take it away if you wanna abuse it. i have no problem with that

I Mean I Was Just Telling You That You Can Do That Why Would I abuse That Glitch I Have Stacks of Redstone!

Well now you don’t because you have told us. Say buhbye redstone. Have fun swimming in the lava

I misread. I’m on my phone the text is a little small. Sorry.

Can you stop posting in all caps and don’t double post. The reason probably is that your username on the forums is different to your minecraft name.

It Was Working Before

The rank on the forums and on the server are linked. The server thinks Lewis111 is a member and rulekid is a guest because there is no one called rulekid on the forums

What Should I do Then?

check your profile settings and fix it and don’t start reporing staff members trying to do their job.