Houston Race: Apply To Race! Tickets For Sale!

   Hello guys! I will be holding races  (minecarts+running) at Houston (after we get a warp). as of right now i dont know when i will do this. 

   [s]I am working on a resource pack for this to make the race look better. the resource pack will change paintings, mine-carts, a few blocks and some items to, like i said before, make the race look better.[/s]

  This also will use plug.dj. and invite will be sent to you after you receive a ticket (will most likely be free).

 [s] I finally got the resource pack to work. its nowhere near finished (no not even that painting).


I cant upload the resource pack

[move]What to do when you get there:[/move]

Show me the Ticket at the main entrance. I will direct you to where you should sit.


Contact legotrooper123 to get a ticket!

General Seating: FREE
Ouhai_Ruby Seating Area: $1
YoshiBoy13 Seating Area: $3
SpllatPT Seating Area: $5

A record will be kept of who got what ticket number and where they are going to sit! Don’t even try!

(One lucky person will win a FREE SpllatPT seating area ticket! ;D[/glow]

[glow=red,2,300]Apply To Become A Racer
Read First:
Cheating Policy:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hJZH5hFxYOfR8DZaCIllY-5QYhRBH2tUAhH6-lrLPXo/pub

Racer Rules https://docs.google.com/document/d/1H5fUxZeMva9wzCJvQQVelzZ1Hyitu7E-ejfXGUcj21U/pub

Apply: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1j94J-eM9PH9Fy1HdUiMWbWoGQOzLvVzCLD6dlgYyd-8/viewform[/glow]

eww, Calibri.

Also, an idea for the minecart races: Have two parallel tracks, for like a one-on-one, and have occasionally wood buttons, which power intersections. If the button is powered, the intersection switches to a faster track which might be shorter or have powered rails. If it isn’t, the player goes on a longer slower route. The winner is, of course, the first to arrive. Although make sure all the tracks are the same length, otherwise it would be unfair

There are five lanes. one track. still working on it

How about you add a swimmng part and make it a triathlon?

That would be tough. where would i put a pool??

My work on the resource pack so far:
(i’m working on the stadium at the same time)

rly, more calibri…


Shut up stupid Comic Sans fan.

I cant change the font. i don’t think.

nvm i can. too late. it doesn’t matter!



Never said I liked that either ;D

These are my plans so far:

I cant seem to upload the resource pack. screw it. we’ll do it without one. (its not really necessary) we can still use plug.dj.

Possibly instead of having separate tracks, firing a bow and arrow could activate powered rails on the track?

You can now apply for the race!

Tickets for sale!

I’ll sign up.

We have 2 racers so far! we need more!