Houston Flooding

As a lot of y’all may know Houston Texas (Where I live) is currently… well underwater. The Houston area has a estimated 15,000,000,000,000 (15 Trillion) Gallons / 56,781,176,760,000 (56 Trillion) Liters amount of rain fall, this is the largest amount of rain fall to hit in the entire history of the united states - except for Hawaii.

Harris county, where Houston is located, is home to just about 6.5 million people. That alone is excluding the rest of south east Texas and other affected areas. This has taken many families from there home due to catastrophic flooding, this has resulted in the national guard, the coast guard and a huge amount of volunteers to help rescue these people. These people are now left without practically anything, along with this the whole city will need redevelopment and as much help as it can get. And of course a lot of stray animals and wild animals are in danger as well.

Many of my friends have lost they’re home and have to be in a shelter until it is safe to return back. I luckily was not flooded through, but I just a inch away from being, lets just say I was up at 3 AM watching the water almost come into my garage. Since then the water has went down, that said my family is safe. Many thanks to y’all who checked up on me during these times. Today we’ve been seeing black hawks fly over, c130s fly over and a lot of military vehicles use the tollway near me.

Thats where hopefully some of you guys step in. I would like to ask if anyone in our great community would be able to donate to the red cross to help those affected. We seriously need it, I know Houston will recover, but it wont be easy. That being said I really hope some of you are able to donate to help us in this extremely difficult time. If you do donate please acknowledge that you did by posting so below. If your unable to I understand that some people cant due to their own finical difficulties or other reasons. But do remember that Every Dollar Counts!

I will come back on to the forums to check and see if any one was able to donate, many thanks for all the prayers, donations and support sent our way in the bayou city.

Here is the link to the red cross to donate for those affected by the hurricane
Here is a local news station that is streaming live coverage over rescues that are happening and much more


Channel 11’s studio flooded and they had to close that was the highlight of this experience. The downside was everything in the house getting ruined and losing access to my XXX dropbox folder.
How did the suburbs fare?

This disaster reminds me of Hurricane Sandy, when it ravaged New York and my home-state New Jersey, in 2012, but with much more water. After Hurricane Harvey swept through Texas and Louisiana, sending three years worth of precipitation in about a week. 30%, or more, of Houston is underwater. This is due to much of the city being on a flat plain. Dug-in freeways are now rivers, marshes have turned into lakes and some have connected itself into the gulf. Thankfully, people have been tirelessly helping others through this tragic event, including pets. I will try to help as much as I can from where I am. It’s nearly impossible for me to go anywhere outside the Tri-State area as transportation is more of a fortune, compared to recent decades. Lastly, my condolences go to the families suffering from this disaster. Mother Nature can really effect a region of the world in a matter of weeks.

The north east side (primarily suburbs) was mostly not super flooded, except the kingwood area and some low lying areas. Beside that the floods did get up to peoples front porches, but it did not come into homes.

That’s pretty lucky, Brazoria county is flooding and the water is still rising

As a FYI don’t donate to the Red Cross- they use the money too much on their executives and not on their beneficiaries.


I’ve seen this statement floating around a couple of places but can’t actually find any recent evidence to back it up.
As a nonprofit/charity, they are legally obligated to make financial records public, which they have done on their website, and ~90% of all the donations they receive go towards their humanitarian efforts (blood services, disaster relief, first aid courses, food banks etc.), meaning only 10% goes towards management, fundraising, renting office space, and all other expenses.