hospital-ity xD

im thinkin bout a hospital, we’ll need wool, tons of fookin wool, red whit and smooth stone, preferably farther from spawn. enough that griefers wont bother…

Nice. You’ll need even more tons of wool for all the beds :wink:

:-[ forgot beds needed wool, and so will the privacy curtains, damn, and i was needin this a good 5 stories tall maybe a size 70x16x5stories tall, this will be a huge project, anyone who wants ta help wait till friday or saturday wichever day im on and come help find a place, i need it big and flat

I sense a lot of sheep will be sacrificed for the greater good.

I’ll try to help out when I can get on.

I can donate beds I have tons of materials too

AWESOME! guys we can build her when adndy reszets der server

If it’s a modern hospital, you should build it in our Bigcity2. It would fit the theme.

andy already started one :frowning:

Don’t most cities have more than one hospital? As long as you build it a distance away it should be fine.

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